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  • Scrubs
  • Military uniforms
  • School uniforms
  • etc.


Casual Wear


Our  eye for detail  will ensure that you look  flawless at your upcoming event. Photos will be taken, memories will be made ...and you can be confident that you'll be seen with the  perfect fit!

  • hem
  • tailoring
  • strap adjustment
  • sleeve addition/removal
  • bustle
  • corset back
  • custom veil
  • etc.

Business Wear

A brief overview

Formal Wear

  • Jeans hems/tailoring
  • T-shirt resizing

Anticipating your wedding day?  We're the place for you!  We specialize in bridal and formal attire and have been in this market for  over 30 years.  We're here to achieve the radiant bridal look and fit you've been envisioning for your big day!

  • Patches
  • Repairs

You have the vision and we have the  machinery  and  skill to turn it into a reality. Let us implement your next project!


  • pageants
  • galas
  • debutante
  • etc.

Can't find what your looking for online or in-store? You might want to consider having a garment custom made! The  benefits  of fabric choice, design manipulation, and a tailored fit are just the beginning...

  • bridesmaid
  • Mother of the Bride/Groom
  • prom
  • quinceañera
  • Pants hems
  • Slacks tailoring

Suits aren't made to be worn straight off the rack - don't get caught wearing baggy slacks or a slouchy jacket! Our tailoring will get you the custom fit you've been wanting.


In the office or headed to an interview, your priority is to look confident! Sharp, sleek, and tailored  is the look we will achieve for you.

Custom Sewing

  • blazers/sports coats
  • dress shirts
  • pencil skirts
  • dress slacks
  • etc.
  • Jacket Tailoring
  • Sleeve Hemming